Nationwide Product Liability Litigation Lawyers


Product liability litigation can cast doubt upon a company’s future. At DLS, we understand the potential liability that you face when presented with a lawsuit for a design defect, manufacturing defect, or other defective product claim.

We have obtained favorable settlements and verdicts for many companies, large and small, in various industries. Our aggressive representation of clients in complex product liability litigation has earned us a reputation among our peers for dedicated legal work and innovative strategies.

At DLS, we recognize a product manufacturer’s obligation to ensure high standards of quality, safety, and consumer protection. One claim can damage a company’s reputation. A class action suit can force a company to shut down its operations. Millions of dollars are at stake. We have vigorously defended our clients against lawsuits that involved fire, electrical, and CO2-related injuries and death.

In taking on a product liability case, we employ a detail-oriented strategy in handling all aspects and securing the information necessary to defend our clients. We will review any previous complaints that may have been filed and medical records if the plaintiff suffered any injuries from the defective product. Industry experts are brought on board to determine if there was injury or financial loss and if that was the responsibility of the product manufacturer.

While many of our contemporaries promote their ability to resolve a case through settlement, we consider ourselves litigators first. When we enter a courtroom or negotiation, the other side knows that we will take a case to court if it is in the best interest of our client.

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