Partnership Dispute and Fiduciary Litigation Lawyers


DLS has been recognized for achieving major victories in trustee and fiduciary litigation and cases involving partnership disputes. There are challenges to face, but these are challenges that we have successfully overcome on behalf of our clients.

Fiduciary cases are often difficult to defend against because a fiduciary is held to the highest duty under the law. Even with those high expectations, we will put forth an aggressive defense that represents the facts of the case. Likewise, we will put forth an aggressive prosecution when a client has been wronged through another’s breach of duty. A partnership dispute can jeopardize the future of any business. Issues over management of a company, responsibilities of a partner, or money matters can irrevocably damage a business partnership.

We have handled high profile cases involving charges of fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, securities fraud, and lender liability. The complexity of these cases necessitates the services and skills of an experienced fiduciary litigation and partnership dispute attorney.

At DLS, we have provided high-quality representation while managing the smallest detail of every case. Constant attention to the case is mandatory and identifying the potential vulnerability of the opposing side is paramount.

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