2015 Crimson Exploration Inc. and Crimson Explorations Operating, Inc. v. Allen Drilling Acquisition Company and ADAC II, Inc

In the 278th Judicial District Court of Madison County, Texas, Judge Hal R. Ridley presiding. DLS and local counsel, Kevin R. Knight, Jr., represented Crimson in a suit seeking breach of contract, declaratory relief, and judicial foreclosure of Defendants’ interests in a joint operating agreement relating to the exploration and development of oil & gas leases in Madison and Grimes counties. Defendants asserted various counterclaims against Crimson. Over the course of the litigation, DLS won three affirmative motions for summary judgment on Crimson’s claims and defeated Defendants’ multiple motions and cross-motions for summary judgment. The Court entered Final Judgment in favor of Crimson on July 30, 2015, ordered foreclosure of Crimson’s lien, and awarded Crimson $1,250,000.00 in attorneys’ fees (stipulated) through trial. The matter is currently on appeal.